Pro Bike Service

Suggested for the serious commuter or competitive bicycle athlete who wants to leave nothing to chance.

Peace of mind is provided by knowing your bike has been fully stripped down, inspected and reconditioned to as near to new condition as possible.

Trilogy Cycles recommends a Pro Bike Service every 12 months.

From $299

Included in the Pro Bike Service

  • Degrease and wash entire bike, wheels, chain, remove and clean derailleurs and all cogs using biodegradable degreaser, re-grease and reinstall;
  • Strip down entire frame and remove all parts and bearings including fork;
  • Check bicycle frame and fork condition externally;
  • Remove handle bar tape and handle bars, stem and check for corrosion or faults and re-grease all bolts and face plates to de-creak front end of bike;
  • Remove crankset and bottom bracket cups, re-grease and reinstall;
  • Remove rear derailleur, align dropouts and straighten rear tip using industry leading tools;
  • Remove hub cones, bearings, re-grease front and rear hubs and reinstall;
  • Remove and replace freehub body if required;
  • Re-grease headset steering bearings and reinstall fork;
  • Remove pedals, regrease axles and reinstall;
  • Reinstall seatpost and saddle, greasing all bolts;
  • Check and adjust gears and lubricate cables;
  • Check and adjust brakes and lubricate cables; 
  • Remove tyres and tubes checking rim, base tapes, internal tyre casings and tubes;
  • True minor wheel buckles in bike;
  • Check tyre condition and inflate tyres;
  • Reinstall wheels and lube chain, derailleurs and brake calipers;
  • Performance test ride.