Premium Bike Service

Suggested for entry level cleaning and servicing including minor repairs like
gear, brake or bearing adjustments.
This service is also recommended as a safety check post crash.
Trilogy Cycles recommends a Premium Bike Service every 6 months.

Included in the Premium Bike Service

  • Clean bike and wheels with biodegradable degreaser and water;
  • Degrease chain, derailleurs and cranks;
  • Reinstall wheels and lube chain, derailleurs and brake calipers;
  • Check and tighten handlebars and stem;
  • Check and tighten steering headset;
  • Check and tighten crank set and pedals;
  • Check and tighten seat post and saddle;
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts, quick release and cones;
  • Check wheel condition and spoke tension;
  • Straighten or true minor wheel buckles in bike;
  • Check tyre condition and inflate tyres;
  • Check and adjust gears, lubricating cables where required;
  • Check and adjust brakes, lubricating cables where required;
  • Lubricate chain, derailleurs and brake calipers;
  • Secure accessories;
  • Perform test ride.


Should it be required, cranks will be removed, degreased, chainrings removed and re-greased and bottom bracket lubricated prior to re-install. Additional cost $30.