Basic Bike Service

Suggested for general maintenance of keeping components in optimal condition.
Trilogy Cycles recommends a Basic Bike Service every 3-6 months, or as required.
Dirty drive train components can lead to premature wear and tear of expensive parts,
potentially requiring them to be replaced earlier than needed.
A clean bike will perform better and ultimately save you money.

Included in the Basic Bike Service

  • Check tyre condition and pressure;
  • Check and tighten all bolts to recommended torque settings;
  • Check and adjust gears and tune;
  • Check and adjust brakes and tune;
  • Check and advise on condition of drivetrain;
  • Check condition of bottom bracket and headset. If work is required to fix, an additional charge will apply;
  • Check wheel trueness. If wheels require truing an additional charge will apply;
  • Perform test ride.
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